AIRONE Pro – das multifunktionale Retro Trike

2.400,00 inkl. MwSt.

Airone Retro Phoenix is a single trike with a small safety cage. Phoenix is a continuation of the proven design of the Retro series which is additionally equipped with the cage and system of hanging paramotor directly on the cage. Thanks to that, small and light trike is more stable during a flight, it has safety cage with harness and protecting arch to which you can attach wing risers. After disassembling the trike, it takes up a little space and the cage can be disassembled into two separate parts.

The harness was designed in such a way to be comfortable and to give place to move easily. It has all necessary security to prevent pilot from falling out of the cage. System of the strips allows to adjust the seat height, backrest angle and tilt angle of the seat.

Retro Phoenix can be extended from single trike to tandem as a classic Retro. The tandem cage fits to the same place as the single cage. The trike is equipped with a system of certified strips for hanging and AustriAlpin carabiners.

Dimensions of the disassembled trike: 50cm/50cm/100cm (height/width/length)
Dimensions of the trike ready to fly: 150cm/140cm/170cm (height/width/length)
Weight of the trike ready to fly: 20,5kg



Das Airone Pro Retro ist ein Trike für alle, die ihre Leidenschaft gerne mit anderen teilen. Das Konzept bietet eine einfach Möglichkeit, die Solo Starthilfe mit wenigen Handgriffen zu einem kompletten Tandemtrike umzuwandeln. Die Modelle Solid und Retro können mit einfachsten Mitteln in wenigen Minuten und ohne Werkzeug fast jedes herkömmliche Motorsystem in eine rollende Einheit verwandeln. Überzeugend sind neben Robustheit und einfacher Montage auch das geringe Gewicht und Packmaß der gesamten Produktbereiche von Airone Pro.

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